Fishing Reports


Stoneflies and Mayflies.  Catching on the TOP!!!!

Fishing is really starting to pop.



Flow: 1060 cfs. Fishing mostly on the edges with large dark stonefly patterns trailing frenchies. You need to find and fish any soft water that you can find. 


The Meadows below Platoro has been better with some dry fly action and nymphing baetis nymphs, green drake nymphs and get down or flossy worms.


The fishing is going to continue to improve ad these flows drop over the next couple weeks.


3/26/21 Greetings from the Blankenships. 

We are getting ready for another great season on the Conejos, and we hope all good things are happening for you. The 2021 Conejos Superfly is gonig to be held on April 9, 10 and 11. Resistration is full.  No get togethers are planned by CRA.  >We will have 2 person teams from Magote Campground all the way to Rocky Mountain Estates. We have a full field and hope that everyone will try to respect what the contestants are paying for.  They've paid a premium to participate and help to raise money for the San Luis Valley chaper of Trouts Unlimited. 


We had about normal snow to date, and the river has really opened up.  The flows are still very low, but conditions should improve as we head through mid April. The shop is not officially open, but we are buzzing around will and wait on you ASAP.  Cabins are open as well.


We really look forward to seeing you all again, and to new comers - looking forward to meeting you. 




Pat & Jeannine


The Conejos is running low for this time of the year and we are hoping to see a good rainy season to help with the stream conditions. We are encouraging anglers to keep a thermometer and check the afternoon temps to make sure the water is not getting above 66 degrees. We have seen cooler temps for the last week and should as long as it clouds up and rains a little.


We are still fishing with dry flies up the drainage from Platoro down to the Pinnacles stretch. The lower river has now gone back to mostly nymphing from Golden stone nymphs, baetis and midges. 


The river flows are great currently on the Conejos. We are still seeing good fishing with big stonefly adult patterns and also with big mayfly adults. We are seeing gray drakes, green drakes, BWO's PMD's caddis and lots of other adults. Fishing mostly dries but nymphing with baetis nymphs, green drake nymphs are also working good. 


We are starting to see Adult Salmon flies on the lower river and as the temps warm up over the next couple days I'm sure the surface action will really pickup. We are still nymphing with dark to golden colored stonefly nymphs, green drake nymphs, caddis and BWO nymphs. The upper river is also fishing well with the usual flossy worms, midges and baetis nymphs. We are also stating to see a few bigger mayflies down low along with a few caddis, so if you have been waiting for lower flows and dry fly action next week things will really get going. The flows are around 250 cfs from the dam and will slowly keep dropping during the summer and around 500 cfs at Magote and this will just keep dropping so in a week the wading condtions will be a little easier. Don't forget to check our facebook page for more frequent updates on the fishing and stream conditions.


The flows on the COnejos are coming down. The runoff started early and peaked 5/20/20. The river is very clear and the flows should come down to around 400 CFS in a couple weeks. Currently we are still nymph fishing with stonefly nymphs(size 8 to 12), 20 inchers (size 12) and trailing mayfly nymphs from prince nymphs in size 12-16, radiation baetis size 14-16, spanish bullets, frenchies, flossy worms and rainbow warriors. The meadow stretch below Platoro is also fishing well with the current release from the dam at 243 cfs. Fish with flossy worms, two-bits, bruised baetis, redemptions. 


The flows are going to provide excellent dry fiy opportunity starting in a couple weeks. So if you are waiting for dry fish season don't wait too long to make your plans.




We are enjoying early summer in Southern Colorado. The river flow has really bumped up over the last week and is very dirty today. The clarity will improve over the coming week but the flow will remain high until we get some cold weather. The best fishing during runoff is on the edges of the river or in the slowest water you can find. Fishing dark stonefly nymphs and worm patterns. The gate is now open all the way to Platoro if you want to fish the meadows. The flow from the dam is at 430 cfs making the flow much higher than nolrmal for this time of the season but the water is still clear. Fish with baetis nymphs, flossy worms and midge patterns again looking for fish to be holding in the slowest water you can find usually on the edge or behind structure. 

The shop is open and we are also doing phone in orders and will have it ready when you arrive. You can also use the online store to make your purchase and will can hold it here for you.




Shop Update-
We have an on line shop at this will allow you to order anything we have online and pay online. Then you can pick up at shop or have mailed to you.
To get your flshing license on line please see this link.
You will need to carry the print out with you of the license.

Please call the shop when arriving and Pat will help from there. Please practice social distancing. Be safe. 719-376-5660


If you have been waiting for some surface action the Conejos River is oen for buissness. We are seeing large hatches of Caddis, Gray Drakes, Slate Drakes and should start seeing Green Drakes any day now. Anglers are still catching fish on large Salmon Fly imitaions on the surface as well. They are ranging from the Bear Crek section of the COnejos up to around Rocky Mountain Lodge. The flow out of Platoro should remain in the 400 cfs range for a few more weeks with is keeping the lower Conejos RIver flows around 800 cfs and producing great fishing conditions on both drys and nymphs. The los Pinos is also fish good with flows around 80 cfs.   Pat




7/11/19 The flows on all the rivers in the area have come down quicker than I would have thought posible a couple weeks back. The flow at Magote is under 900 cfs and should drop to below 800 cfs tomorrow. The release from Platoro Res. is now at 400 cfs. We are seeing Brown and Slate Drakes down on the lower river along with lots of big Adult Stomeflys. We are starting to see better activity on the surface with drys from large stimulators, Chubby's and size 12 and 14 mayfly patterns. Nymphing with 20 inchers, size 14 golden hare's ears and jig assassins. Still fishing brown Pat's rubber legs and golden stone nymphs as well. If you have waited for the flows to come down, it's time to get busy fishing.




7/8/19  The flow on the Conejos River is slowly dropping. The release from Platoro Res. is at 700 cfs making the fishing from just below the meadows at Platoro down to the South Flork confluence very difficult. From there down to Magote Campground we are seeing good fishing on the edges with patty's, golden stone nymphs, size 14 hare's ear, size 14 jig assassin and pink and red san juan worms. There are Salmon flys, grey Drakes, Caddis over most of the lower Conejos and fishing with a big stimi, or Chubby and dropping pat's and size 14 nymphs has been working in the same area we have been nymphing.


The Los Pinos has dropped to a great flow and has also been fishing good as well. Seeing some adult PMD's and Grey Drakes out and catching a few fish on the surface and nymphing with a  size  14 & 16 bruised pmd, jig assassin, and hare's ears. The flow on Elk Creek has dropped to the level that is better for fishing so if you have been waiting to hike it should only get better over the summer.




6/26/19  The water levels on the Conejos have been slowly dropping but remain above the average historical flow levels. This does not mean that there is no fishable water or that you can't catch any fish. So enough about whats wrong and a little about all the bugs we have seen the last couple days. Midges, BWO, Yellow Sallies, Grey Drakes, Caddis and "oh Yeah" Adult Stoneflies. I know the flows are high but where is it not.  Give us a call if you have any questions and we will try to help you out.




6/12/19  The river is very high and should remain big for the next couple weeks. The flow at Magote is at 2000 CFS. The release from Platoro Res. is at 50 CFS so there is some nice water conditions below the dam. This release will move up as the flow drops at Magote but for the next wekk it should remain at a good fishing level. We are still catching fish on the lower iveron dark pat's rubber legs, g-string worms in pink to orange with lots of added weight. The meadows is more of a midge, midge emerger, baetis nymphs and smaller worm patterns.



6/6/19   Well runoff is here again for another year. The water is high but the visibility is not bad, off color but not blown out. We have been having good success with big buggy stonefly nymphs and worm patterns. Give us a call at the shop and we will try to help you out if your looking for some fishable water.