Fishing Reports



Flows on the lower river around Mogote Campground have been between 300 and 350 cfs with a slight bump coming last night from rain. The flows from the reservoir have  been between 90 and 150 cfs. We anticipate these flows to persist for a few weeks during the monsoon season. On the lower Conejos there have been numerous mayflies coming out and a few stoneflies. You could see mahoganys, pmds, brown drakes, grey drakes, and green drakes as well as midges, yellow sallies, and some golden stones. From the pinnacles to the bottom of the meadows will be slightly fast pocket water especially if the flows are over 110cfs coming out of Platoro. This section of river will be more accessible at a flow below the 110cfs mark. Caddis and mayflies will be prevalent so adams patterns and stimulators are good fly choices with mayfly nymphs for droppers. The meadows below Platoro should also be pretty buggy with midges, pmds, bwos, green drakes, and mohoganys being seen. Green and grey mayfly nymphs as well as annelids will work for droppers. Creeks and tributaries to the Conejos should be fishing good and have good flows for the coming weeks. Stimulators, terrestrials, and mayfly patterns are all very successful on those smaller streams. Alpine lakes should also be fishing good now with leaches, chironomids, scuds, or stripping a smaller streamer or wooley bugger. Terrestrials and callibaetis dry flies could work as well.